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Mellta Swift, March 8 2017

5 Sexy Ways To Use Lube Together

Lubricant is incredibly versatile. A few extra drops will make your hands, lips, tongue, fingers and other body parts feel wetter and better with very little effort on your part.

If you want to introduce lube into your sex life or maybe just spice things up a notch, here are some creative ways to use lube to make sex even more exciting and pleasurable.

1. Shop together.

Gone are the days when you went to the drug store, grabbed the first lube on the shelf and quickly paid for your purchase before anyone saw you. With the proliferation of sex positive retailers - both brick and mortar and online - and amazing selection of lubricants on the market, lube shopping is something to be savored. Plus, the mere act of picking out something that you know you’re going to use together can be a huge turn-on.

2. Enjoy the extra slip.

Adding lube to your bedroom repertoire makes sex feel amazing. Simple as that. As Dr. Jess O'Reilly, a sex and relationship expert and author of the new book, The New Sex Bible told The Huffington Post, lube is foreplay’s greatest accoutrement. “With lube, your options to slip, slide, glide, twist, suck, pulse, kiss and thrust multiply exponentially. Possibilities for techniques and positions are greater and research indicates that lube actually leads to higher levels of arousal, pleasure and satisfaction," she says.

3. Stimulate your partner’s perineum.

The perineum is the patch of flesh that’s located between the scrotum and the anus. If you haven’t tried stimulating this part of your partner’s body, you’re in for a nice surprise. The perineum is one of the most pleasurable male erogenous zones. For many men it’s the third most sensitive part on their body after their testicles and penis. If your partner already enjoys having their perineum stimulated (or you just want to try something new!), put a small amount of lube on your finger and gently work the area.

4. Take your hand-job to the next level.

Once you’ve given a handjob with lube, you’ll likely never go back. Want to get handy under the sheets (or wherever your sexy heart desires)? Add a nice dollop of lube to your hand before you begin to work your partner’s shaft. Adding a bit of extra slip to your handjob will make things infinitely more fun and pleasurable for everyone involved!

5. Make oral sex even more delicious.

As Dr. Lexx Brown-James told the Huffington Post, "having flavored lubricant while performing oral sex on a person could make the action more enjoyable for the person giving the oral stimulation as well.”  

Dr. Jess O'Reilly is also a fan of adding flavored lube into the mix. "Sensually apply lube to your lips and then use your wet lips to spread it all over your partner's hot zones,” she says. Delicious, indeed.

6. Apply to your partner’s nipples.

You know what feels amazing? Adding lubricant to your partner’s nipples while you massage them. If you’re feeling creative, apply some SUTIL Coconut Lube to their nipples and slowly lick and suck it off. Just be warned: this may push your partner off the edge in pleasure. 

7. Get twisted.

Coat your index and middle fingers in lubricant and cross them over one another. Slide them into her as you rotate your hand to create a unique, slippery sensation.

8. Taste your partner.

Nipples and genitals aren’t the only places you can enjoy our flavours. Add flavored lubricant to your favorite erogenous zones and and enjoy licking it off each other.

9. Use with toy play.

Using sex toys in the bedroom? Just add lube. Like other forms of penetrative sex, adding a generous coating of lubricant to insertable sex toys maximizes your pleasure by providing that much sought after slip and wetness. Even if you’re using an external toy (for example, a small clitoral vibrator) a thin coating of lube can add an extra layer of pleasure. Also, with all of our lubes being water-based, you’ll never have to worry about damaging any of your beloved toys.

10. Give in to slow and sensual touch.

Use a long-lasting lube like Sutil Luxe Body Glide to manually stimulate your partner’s vulva. Begin with slow, sensual touch and gradually increase your speed and pressure. Savor the experience. Whatever you’re thinking in terms of speed, cut it in half. Slowing things down can actually enhance the experience when you finally reach orgasm.


Written by

Mellta Swift

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