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Mellta Swift, December 14 2016

5 Really Great Reasons We Should All use More Lube

When it comes to having great sex, there’s a damaging myth that if you “need” to use lube, it’s because you or your partner aren’t doing their job. We’re here to debunk that once and for all.


Whether you’re experiencing dryness due to natural hormonal changes, medication or health reasons - or you just want to make sex feel more pleasurable all around, a natural, paraben free lube is a great addition to your sex life. Because, sex feels better when there’s extra moisture. To quote one of our favorite sex educators, JoEllen Notte, “sex without lube is like a Slip-n-Slide without water."

Here’s a few really good reasons why a little bit of extra lubrication goes a long way:

1. Wetter feels better.

According to a recent study, 94% of women surveyed reported that they thought sex felt more pleasurable with lubricant. Simply put, lube feels great. So, even if you’re not experiencing vaginal dryness, why not add some extra moisture to what you’ve already got?! By reducing friction, everything feels more comfortable. When you feel comfortable you can relax and focus on what’s important: enjoying the experience.

2. It allows you to take your sex life by the reigns.

Your body isn’t always in charge of it’s own lubrication. As Dr. Jessica O’Reilly tells The Huffington Post, “vaginal lubrication is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and is beyond our conscious control. Sometimes you're all riled up and ready to go and you're dry as a desert, and other times you're just sitting at the table eating a peanut butter sandwich and all of a sudden you're soaked.” Adding some natural, paraben free lube into the mix not only gives you control over your moisture levels, it makes sex feel amazing.

3. Lubricant can help with hormonal transitions.

And not just menopause. It’s normal to experience vaginal dryness postpartum, while breastfeeding, transitioning on and off hormonal contraception, and while navigating the years before and after menopause.

In addition, a natural lubricant can help mimic the benefits of cervical mucus. The cervix creates a thick mucus that coats the entire vagina, which reduces friction and helps sperm survive. However, it’s only produced a few days each month leading up to ovulation. So, if you’re having sex other times during the month or don’t have fertile days due to breastfeeding, hormonal birth control or menopause, then you’re not going to have the benefits of cervical mucus. Yet another reason why you should always keep lubricant handy.  

4. Anal sex requires lube. Period.

Looking to experiment with anal sex? You’re going to want lube with that. As Dr. Lexx Brown-James tells The Huffington Post, “depending on the type of sexual play, the sexual organ used might not make it's own lubricant (specifically the anus) and it surely is not being lazy, it's just not capable to make enough of it's own lubricant to safely and comfortable provide access for penetration.” You need lube to make anal sex safe and comfortable. End of story.

5. Trying a new lubricant with your partner can be a fun, sensual experience.

If you’re looking to kick your sex life up a notch and you haven’t really experimented with lube, now’s the perfect time to give it a shot! Explore. Spread one of our SUTIL flavours on your lips and then apply it to your partner’s sensitive areas. Try our Sutil Luxe Body Glide and see what everyone is talking about. Lube may seem mundane, but sometimes just the act of trying something new together can be enough to spice things up. 

Written by

Mellta Swift

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