Ussy, the first male sex toy with style


Design and Desire

The Ussy’s simple elegant design seamlessly entangles the most seductive parts of the body into the wild imagination of the abstract. Although it is an inanimate object, the Ussy has so much style that it takes on a personality of its own. One glance at its beauty lures you to caress its curves and take your penis below the creases of its derriere, to spread its lips and enter its portal of paradise. Nodes line the canal holding the moisture inside keeping it as moist as a summer mist. Move your hand along its body and feel the softness of where the curves of the hips meet the more subtle curves of the waist. Give a squeeze and feel its organic structure as you entice it to tense and relax. Lose yourself in its luscious bottom connecting with your inner thighs upon deep penetration. Make your way over the breasts smooth acclivity and the shoulders round peak and cover its breathing hole with a reach of a finger. Feel it suck and let it breathe. Finish, feel the warmth around your throbbing penis, and enjoy the fulfilling aftermath of an extraordinary orgasm.


SUTIL Rich now comes with every order of an Ussy male pleasure maker.